Online Pet Advertising Solutions

About PetMedia

PetMedia places online pet related advertising campaigns for many of the UK’s leading brands across our own network of premium branded pet websites. Our network of established premium pet websites including Pets4Homes and PetForums, reach an audience of well over 2.5 Million UK pet owners every month. At PetMedia we work very hard to ensure all our clients advertising campaigns achieve the greatest return on investment, so that they keep using us for their campaigns year after year.

If you own a pet related company and are looking to create an advertising campaign, or you work for an ageny and looking into media buying and planning options for one of your clients, we can help you create a successful advertising campaign at the best possible price, which will bring a good return on investment.

At PetMedia we offer a range of marketing options. We specialise in CPM display advertising, which is a cost effective advertising model where you only pay when your banner is viewed by our audience of pet owners. Our CPM banner advertising is provided at a competitive fixed cost per thousand displays of your banner and a campaign can be spread out over any period of time from 1 week to several months. We also provide bespoke advertising solutions, tailored to your, or your clients needs. You can see some of our previous and current successful campaigns on our Clients page.

If you would like to talk to us, to see what we can do for your company, please send any enquiries to us by emailing here, and we will get back to you.